Engaging Emergence – Table of Contents


Introduction: From Chaos to Coherence

Part I. The Nature of Emergence

1. What Is Emergence?

2. What’s the Catch?

Part II. Practices for Engaging Emergence

3. Step Up: Take Responsibility for What You Love

4. Prepare: Foster an Attitude for Engaging

5. Host: Cultivate Conditions for Engaging

6. Step In: Practice Engaging

7. Iterate: Do It Again . . . and Again

Part III. Principles for Engaging Emergence

8. Welcome Disturbance

9. Pioneer!

10. Encourage Random Encounters

11. Seek Meaning

12. Simplify

Part IV. Three Questions for Engaging Emergence

13. How Do We Disrupt Coherence Compassionately?

14. How Do We Engage Disruptions Creatively?

15. How Do We Renew Coherence Wisely?

In Closing: What’s Possible Now?

Summary of Key Ideas

About Emergent Change Processes