The Real-time Debut of Engaging Emergence

I did a session on my new book, Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity at the Organization Development World Summit.  I am delighted that Richárd Nagy-Hegyi, creative director of HR Cafe was there to record it:

Richárd described his vision for HR Cafe:
To make it a place, like you’d put together TED + Wikipedia (with the Wikipedia community) + World Cafe.

If you are inspired to help that vision come true, register to watch the video there and offer your comments.  You can also get the handouts at the site.  (If Hungarian isn’t your native language, just click on the appropriate flag in the upper right of the page.)

This was my first chance to get a public response to the content from people who don’t know me.  Needless to say, I was a bit nervous when I started and thrilled by the time I was done.

The session affirmed a pattern to the responses I’m getting.  From those familiar with ideas like order arising from chaos, welcoming disturbance, differentiation and integration, they say that I have taken what they know and framed it with greater coherence so that it becomes easier to act on the ideas and to share them with others.

For those who are new to the concepts, I have been thrilled and humbled by the strength of their reaction.  Several have told me the ideas are life changing, using phrases like:

“Little did I know that the book would have such a powerful impact on me…”


“It challenged what I thought I knew about change, about leadership, and about group dynamics. I very much appreciated those challenges, as I felt they opened not only my eyes, but also my heart, in new ways so that I will forever see disruption in a new way.”

So, watch the video or read the book, and let me know your response!

One last exciting note – The book has been at #1 in “Hot New Releases in Organizational Change” on since announced: