The Future of Western Civilization

Now isn’t the future of our civilization a big topic!  I did an interview on February 29th with Nicholas Beecroft.  He’s been pursuing this subject by talking to a variety of people.

The questions Nicholas asked were so big that I found myself looking for simple, practical answers.

Check out my responses to:

  • How can we boost our cultural direction and self-confidence?
  • What’s your highest vision for Western Civilisation?
  • What’s the new, emerging civilisation?
  • Whats great about the current Western Civilisation which we should preserve and cherish?
  • How can we ignite a self-propagating group process to transform Western Civilisation for the better?
  • How can we evolve democracy to be deeper and more effective?
  • How can we integrate the dark, shadow side of our history so as to unlock our power and potential? Do we or anyone need to have a strategy in the traditional sense?
  • How do we best support collective intelligence, group change processes and emergence to get the best outcome?
  • How can we reorganise our large government bureaucracies for health, education, welfare etc to fully liberate the human spirit of the staff and community and to embed a learning, evolutionary system to harness global intelligence?
  • How do we create new fields of consciousness – our energetic potential into which the future will emerge- create the field of alignment and remove the obstacles and provide the support structures and allow the self-organisation to occur?

If you prefer, here’s an MP3 for download

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