Changing Roles in Changing Times

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Thanks to Jesse Lyn Stoner for inviting me to post Change Your Story, Change Your Organization  to the Seapoint Center blog. It elaborates on five roles highlighted in the Berkana Institute’s Two Loops Model of Change.

Some reflections on the implications of these roles for journalists is on the Journalism That Matters site: Stories for Navigating the Waves of Change.


Two Loop Theory
Adapted from Berkana Institute’s Two Loops Theory of Change




Journalism That Matters: The Diversity Principle

Post #5 of my series on journalism is now up.

Navigating Through Uncertainty: The Diversity Principle

Innovation demands diversity, using our differences creatively.

Image by Steven Wright,
Image by Steven Wright,


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Journalism That Matters: The Possibility Principle

This next post in my journalism series,

Journalism for Navigating Uncertainty: The Possibility Principle

is getting to the heart of where my work in system change and my work with journalism really overlaps!

Check it out.

From JTM’s Pacific Northwest 2010 Conference Report, by Steven Wright


Journalism That Matters: What’s Possible Now?

After years of working with journalists through Journalism That Matters, a nonprofit that I co-founded with three career journalists, I’m finally offering my perspective on what’s possible in the emerging news and information ecosystem.

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What do we need from journalism?

Image by Steven Wright,
Image by Steven Wright,




Journalism that Matters video makes the home page of the Knight Foundation

Beyond Bookstook place at MIT in Cambridge, Mass. on April 6 and 7, 2011.  The organizing question:

What’s possible when journalists and librarians come together?

We brought together about 130 participants to explore this question.  Filmaker, Jacob Caggiano, created a fabulous 7 minute video that tells the story.  And it was so good, that the Knight Foundation put it on their homepage!

Check it out:

Beyond Books – What’s possible when librarians and journalists meet? from Jacob Caggiano on Vimeo.


Experiments in Organizational Forms – Growing a Network

On August 10, 2010, I posted a proposal on behalf of the Journalism That Matters Pacific Northwest Collaboratory at an Ashoka Changemakers competition focused on strong communities –

I didn’t do it to win the competition (though that would be fine).  I did it to get clearer about the role and purpose of the Collaboratory.

The Collaboratory is intended to support the pioneers who are shaping the emerging news and information ecosystem in the Northwest.  In writing the proposal, I was delighted to get clear that one key place that my journalism work intersects my work with social technologies like Open Space Technology.

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