Open Space Spaces: What to Consider

  • Seating capacity is generally stated assuming theatre style seating.
    Divide it in half for an estimate of how many a room holds in a circle.
    For example, if the seating capacity is 120, the room will likely hold 60 people.
  • Unobstructed wall space large enough to hold the agenda, with room for the news room.
    Figure 10 feet for 20 sessions.
  • Sufficient break-out space
    Assume 1/3 of the people will post sessions.  For example, 60 people for 3 sessions requires about 7 spaces that will hold about 6-10 people each. The calculation: 60 people/3 = 20 sessions; 20/3 = 6.6667 per time period
  • Permission to use tape on the walls (or an alternative means for hanging signs, session notes, and news)
  • Adequate space for registration table, food
  • If computers will be used for notes, adequate access to electricity
  • A setting conducive to good conversation

Nice to have:

  • Natural light
  • Convenient rest room locations
  • The more square-shaped the room, the better