Open Space


Open Space Technology is key to my work.  Making it available to others is part of my practice.  Here are some resources that I use.

What is Open Space?

It is a philosophy, practice and process that enables groups of any size to come together around complex, important issues and accomplish something meaningful.

About Open Space Technology
From Open Space World, a resource of the Open Space community

Tools for Opening Space

Before an Event

Checklist of tasks to consider

Sample invitations

Community  –  Leadership in a Self-organizing World

Business  –  Journalism That Matters: Create or Die

What to look for in choosing a space

Budget items for an event

Day of the Event

Checklist for the Day
When people stop by and offer to help, this list of signs and a room layout make it easier to hand them a task.

Video of me opening a space
Filmed at Leadership in a Self-organizing World by Harold Shinsato.
At 7:00 minutes in is the explanation of the four principles and the law.

Opening Space: An Outline
Opening space for the first time?  Here’s a summary of what I say to get you started.

Session Host Responsibilities
With large groups, I find a sheet for session hosts reminds them to actually do their notes.  It is a place to collect the names of participants and provide a link to where to post notes.

Closing an Open Space Event

After the Event

Sample proceedings Community – Leadership in a Self-organizing World

Business – Journalism that Matters: Create or Die

Tools for Opening Space

From a 2004 workshop on OST, I offer some tools to make life easier for every Open Space Practitioner

Stories of Opening Space

Good Work for 2,100 Colombian Street Kids
This story is told from the point of view of an Open Space practitioner in service to others who might be contemplating a large OS event.

Reflections on the Evolution of Collective Wisdom: From the Experience of Spirited Work from 1999-2005
by Anne Stadler
For many of us — me included — the Spirited Work community was instrumental in moving our thinking from Open Space Technology as a good way to hold meetings to a philosophy and life practice.  Anne shares her story of the experience.

Journalism That Matters: A Continuing Story
What does it take to change a social system?  Journalism that Matters is an initiative that began in 2000 and continues to gain momentum.  Some points along the way:

JTM Beginnings

Journalism that Matters: An Emerging Cultural Narrative
Published in the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of Kosmos Journal

The current web site

Resources for Opening Space

Doing an Open Space event – 2 page primer
Sometimes the best action after an open space is to do another one! Here’s a “quick reference guide” created by Anne Stadler.

Open Space Institute (US)
The Open Space Institute (US), along with other OSIs in the world, holds the space for open space. It is dedicated to: * Mutual support and connection * Mentoring and being mentored * Learning and Research It was created to grow the common experience of open space: that inspired behavior can be an everyday experience and that humanity is limited only by its perceptions of the possible.

Open Space listserv
Join this community of practitioners to ask questions, tell stories and generally increase our collective understanding of Open Space.

World Wide Open Space Web Site
This site has a wealth of resources on Open Space.

Open Space World Map
OS has been used in more than 120 countries. Here’s the picture and some information on practitioners around the world.