New Arrival

At long last, it is available.  I am delighted to say that Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity is now for sale from Amazon, Berrett-Koehler, Barnes and Noble, or through local bookstores.

I have a confession. I have an ambitious goal for the book: to meet today’s needs in the way The Fifth Discipline did 20 years ago.  And you can help make that happen.

You see, writing Engaging Emergence was a call I couldn’t ignore.  We face disruption in so many of our systems and people are looking for answers.  The book is my contribution to clarify what each of us inherently knows so we can not only successfully engage with disturbance but also grow that capacity in those we touch.

So, if the book moves you, buy a copy, give another to a friend.  And let others know about it.  In today’s connected world, there are many ways:

Send an email, blog about it, Tweet about it (#engagingemergence), mention it on Facebook, include it a newsletter.  You can link to it at or on Facebook at

Post a review on Amazon.  Scroll down to “Customer Reviews”, click on “Create Your Own Review” and jot down a few lines or make a short video.

Share book related event information.  I post upcoming workshops, webinars, and other places I’ll be talking about the book.  Join in and let others know.

Be old fashioned. Review the book in a local paper or an industry or other type of national publication.

Do the unexpected.  No doubt there are more ways to get the word out than I’ll come up with.  Be creative.  Do something fun and share the idea on the book’s Facebook page or in the comments at

Thank you for your support in helping Engaging Emergence make its contribution.

With love and gratitude