Come to Elevate Engagement – May 18-21, Portland, Oregon

Elevate Engagement, an unconference on community-centered journalism, is happening on May 18-21 at the Agora Journalism Center in Portland, Oregon. 
Agora and Journalism That Matters are partnering to create this opportunity for a deep dive into the role that community engagement plays in providing quality storytelling and in addressing the declining trust in journalism and other civic institutions.
We use a highly interactive conference format for pursuing the questions that matter most to participants. This peer-based learning exchange is powered by bringing together people who don’t normally meet, including journalists, public engagement practitioners, academics and students, artists, funders, public servants, and other engagement pioneers and community members. Because a desire for connecting people across cultural divides is showing up more and more, we are making a concerted effort to reach out to people working in and with rural communities, as well as inviting people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.
We’re building on the success of our 2015 Experience Engagement conferenceThis video of the 2015 event gives you a taste of what to expect.